Enquiry and Skills-based Learning, Open Futures Training and You

Open Futures is an enquiry and skills-based curriculum development programme linking learning and life through askit, growit, cookit and filmit.

Progression is central to Open Futures training. Schools are helped to initiate, develop and embed the programme over a period of time, paced according to the schools needs and ambitions. A "Plan, Do, Review" model is used with consultancy support from our Curriculum Advisors.

Training progresses in three phases:

  • Getting started - Initiating
  • Support Days and Twilights - Developing
  • Advanced - Embedding

Open Futures Training is hands-on developmental training designed for you to acquire the skills, expertise and confidence to help your pupils and staff develop an invaluable spirit of enquiry and life-enhancing skills.

Enquiry-based learning encourages children to be active and inquisitive. Using the enquiry-based approach you can help to develop pupil's questions, reasoning and communication skills, moving them forwards in their thinking. Research has clearly established enquiry as an effective way of raising academic achievement.

A skills-based approach to learning provides pupils with life-enhancing skills, techniques and experiences through growing, cooking and film making.

The programme introduces schools and children to a way of learning, embracing skills-based education, in such a way that fosters, above all, their spirit of discovery and curiosity. askit, developed for Open Futures by SAPERE, the UK charity for Philosophy for Children (P4C), cultivates the desire and confidence to question and investigate. growit, cookit and filmit are skills delivered by the RHS and by educational experts in teaching children about cooking and film making.

By combining enquiry and skills-based learning you can provide opportunities for your pupils to build on information and make connections to extend their learning. askit stimulates and motivates pupils to have more ownership and control of their learning in the contexts provided through growit, cookit and filmit.