Teaching resources

Teaching resources


Teaching resources

Open Futures resources

Presentation for schoolteachers
A slide presentation introducing the Open Futures vision.
Download PDF

Welcome to Open Futures
The Open Futures brochure.
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growit resources

Crop sheets
Information sheets for vegetables that can easily be grown in the school garden.
Download sample – Tomatoes

Termly growing plans
Information sheets on planning, sowing and growing a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the school year.
Download sample – Summer term growing plan

Science topics
Ideas and information sheets on the science of plants and animals in the garden.
Download sample – Germination

Garden activities
Ideas sheets on a wide range of activities linked to gardening in the school grounds.
Download sample – Creating a wildlife tower

Family trees
Useful diagrams of a range of fruit and vegetable family trees.
Download sample – Orchard fruit

Curriculum links
Ideas sheets describing a range of curriculum linked opportunities at Key Stages 1 and 2.
Download sample – Science Key Stage 2

Order forms
Various forms that can be printed or photocopied.

cookit resources

Recipe cards
Easy to follow recipe cards providing ideas on how to cook the produce harvested from the school garden.
Download sample – Honeyed vegetable kebabs

filmit resources

Fact sheets
A series of straightforward fact sheets to help get the best from the filmit programme.

Storyboard sheets
A useful example of a simple storyboard planning sheet.

Home access slips
Slips on which to write temporary access codes for pupils to view their filmit films at home.

askit resources

Fact sheet
Simple fact sheets to help get the best from the askit programme.

Lesson templates
A series of detailed lesson plans to help children and teachers experience P4C and askit.
Download sample – Year 5-6 template : Emotions

Book list
Useful askit teaching resources.

Facilitator’s record
Simple form to record class activity.

Philosophical enquiry session planner
Blank session planning form for use by askit mentors.
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