National Conference 2012

National Conference 2012


Open Futures National Conference 2011

Hilton Leeds City
Wednesday 23 March 2011

Our first Open Futures National Conference was a stimulating and informative event featuring two excellent and very different keynote speakers and a variety of developmental seminars and workshops.

We hope you had an inspiring and enjoyable day but remember, the conference didn't end there. You can continue to hear more from our keynote speakers, workshop leaders and conference delegates by following the links below. We will be posting up materials relating to the workshops shortly as well as responses to questions and issues you have raised during the conference.

You can pose more questions and contribute other observations arising from your base group discussions by emailing

Please include your name, school and which workshop your contribution applies to.


Bill Lucas
New kinds of smart

Ian McMillan
This gentleman has come all the way
from Barnsley


  1. What is a skills and enquiry-based curriculum?
  2. Fundraising for Open Futures – top tips for gaining sponsorship, grants and awards
  3. Making the most of the Open Futures online community
  4. Measuring the impact of Open Futures – assessment and recording strategies appropriate to a skills and enquiry-based curriculum
  5. Using filmit to support askit
  6. cookit from Year 3 to Year 6 – how to build in differentiation, progression and cross curriculum learning
  7. Organising and managing Open Futures in a school
  8. Supporting ICT learning through filmit – how to build in differentiation, progression and cross curriculum learning
  9. Organising practical cross curricular enterprise challenges through growit

Thank you for taking part in the Open Futures National conference 2011. We look forward to seeing you all at next years conference.

The Open Futures Team