Linking Learning and Life Funding Scheme

Linking Learning and Life Funding Scheme

Linking Learning and Life Funding Scheme

"We are aiming to find the spark that lights the desire to learn in each child. Since introducing Open Futures there is a purpose behind everything they do."
Mary Pavard — Headteacher, Tangmere Primary School

The Open Futures 2011 Curriculum Development Partnership

New School Year - New Open Futures Initiative. We are pleased to announce that from September 2011 the The Open Futures Trust will be sponsoring four new School Partnerships in Newham, Hull, Birmingham and Manchester. Each Partnership will consist of three schools (four in Manchester) that will work intensively with Open Futures Professional Partners and Trainers. The aim is that each of the selected thirteen schools will become an Open Futures 'Centre of Excellence' within two years.

The Thirteen Schools

The thirteen schools that have now been identified as 2011 Open Futures Curriculum Development Partners are:

Hull: Thoresby Primary School, Neasden Primary School, Chiltern Primary School

Manchester: Camberwell Park Specialist Support School, Temple Primary School, Cheetham CE Community School, Cravenwood Primary School

Birmingham: Benson Community Primary, Foundry Primary School, Matthew Boulton Community Primary

Newham: New City Primary, Manor Primary, Gallions Primary.

The Open Futures team is pleased to be working in these four new regions and helping to support more new schools to develop their curriculum, with their staff and children, to provide life enduring and life enhancing skills as well as academic achievement.


The four areas were chosen after an extensive awareness raising campaign and a rigorous selection process. Choosing the four areas and the thirteen schools was not easy! There was an enormous response to our campaign and there were dozens of impressive applications from outstanding schools.

We are aware of the disappointment felt by many Heads, Governors and Pupils. Unfortunately only a limited number could be chosen. Regular contact will be maintained with all schools who applied and we will be providing them with a range of subsidised offers, thanks to a generous grant from the Helen Hamlyn Trust, to help support the development of a skills and enquiry curriculum.

Please help us to spread the word about the benefits of Open Futures by encouraging as many primary schools as possible to discover more about our programme by visiting our website and Facebook pages and registering to receive 'openit' the Open Futures termly newspaper.

If you are interested in working with
Open Futures to develop your school
please register your interest here.

By drawing on real-life contexts to reinforce learning, Open Futures has also been successful in:

  • improving attendance and engagement
  • increasing confidence
  • building knowledge
  • enhancing life skills
  • supporting links between home, school and the community
  • helping children to understand and appreciate the value of cultural diversity
  • improving the quality of relationships between children and their friends, teachers and family
  • promoting healthy eating