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Open Futures schools

Become an Open Futures school

Open Futures consists of a set of powerful tools, proven resources, support, and training for teachers to enable schools to develop their curriculum in a way that is tailored to their needs and ambitions.

Open Futures is best developed, extended, embedded and sustained when groups of six or seven schools work together in supportive 'networks'. Integrating Open Futures into the curriculum is planned personally with each participating Headteacher and training for staff delivered by specialists from each of the strands.

It is recommended that schools who are in the early stages of developing a skills and enquiry-based curriculum and are new to Open Futures consider planning their involvement in stages:

  • Join the Open Futures network.
  • Establish Open Futures successfully in your school
    through askit and enquiry.
  • Introduce growit, cookit and filmit with Open Futures.

Continue reading for more information about these steps. Please also fill out the form to register interest, or contact a member of the Open Futures team.

The Open Futures training programme

Open Futures provides a very rich package, offering a long term working relationship, and the necessary training and ongoing support to create the change and development a school wants to achieve.

We welcome any interest and encourage membership of the Open Futures Online Community for all staff wherever you are situated.

Full training delivery is, however, currently only available in certain Local Authorities. These are centred around:

  • Hull
  • Leeds
  • Wakefield
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • London
  • Hampshire
  • West Sussex

Delivery of the full programme will expand over the coming years into areas demonstrating an appropriate level of demand. We will proactively be working to identify funding for schools in new areas so if you wish to become an Open Futures School then it's up to you to tell us!

Included in the Open Futures offer is:

  • CPD in the four specialist strands all currently outside the National Curriculum.
  • Professional support in the management, organisation, curriculum planning, learning, teaching and assessment of a skills and enquiry based curriculum.
  • Access to experienced Open Futures schools – for modelling lessons, observation, collaborative planning and sharing experiences.
  • Access to a network of professionals – school professionals and our individual strand partners to enable sharing of best practice.

Joining the Open Futures network

The first step is to choose from three annual membership options starting from as little as £50.


Open Futures Training is hands-on developmental training designed for staff to acquire the skills, expertise and confidence to help their pupil's develop an invaluable spirit of enquiry and life-enhancing skills. Enquiry cultivates their ability to question and investigate, putting them at the centre of their learning.

askit and enquiry

On the advice of our pilot schools we recommended that training in managing enquiry across the curriculum and delivering the askit strand is the first step to establishing Open Futures successfully and therefore precedes training in the other three skill-based strands. All askit training is validated and facilitated by leading SAPERE accredited trainers experienced in delivering askit.

askit training provides a number of interlinked activities from initial training to extended support and learning progression:

askit level 1 training for the whole staff or for individual teachers – validated and facilitated by SAPERE trainers experienced in delivering askit (the specially adapted version of Philosophy for Children or P4C).

askit level 1 handbooks, askit resources and extended access to additional teaching resources and training materials.

  • Ongoing online support from our askit experts.
  • Opportunities for schools to share askit related teaching ideas, stimulus materials and seek advice from each other.

P4C to askit conversion twilight session is for schools that have already experienced P4C level 1 in the past. This session is designed to introduce the Open Futures approach to learning and teaching and help ensure whole school engagement with the programme.

Supported in school practice days days to develop classroom practice.

Developing askit practice is a course specifically designed for teachers wishing to progress their practice and follows on from Level 1.

To find out more about all of the askit training options please contact a member of the Open Futures team, or fill out the register interest form.

growit, cookit, filmit

Training in each strand consists initially of three days of on-site support provided by each of the Open Futures Partners. The trainers are accredited by the RHS, Focus on Food, and the filmit team.

This strand specific support will include:

  • A planning visit and three days training.
  • A range of strand-specific resources and extended access to additional teaching resources and training materials.
  • Ongoing online support from our growit, cookit and filmit experts.
  • Opportunities for schools to share growit, cookit and filmit related teaching ideas and stimulus materials and seek advice from each other.

These strands can be taken individually or at the same time.

For details about the cost of growit, cookit and filmit training please contact a member of the Open Futures team, or fill out the register interest form.