Fundraising tool-kit

Fundraising tool-kit

Open Futures schools, together with our partners, have demonstrated the Open Futures effectiveness as a skills- and enquiry-based curriculum development programme, linking learning and life.

Through the Open Futures’ four curriculum strands, askit, growit, cookit and filmit, the programme is helping children to encounter and develop practical skills, personal interests and values that make them excited about learning and what they can achieve in the future. It introduces children to new interests and cultures and encourages them to think for themselves.

The impact of the programme has far exceeded expectations. Open Futures schools have taken the programme, made it their own and are continuing to develop it further.

The Open Futures Trust understands that development and progression often comes at a price. Therefore, in response to requests from schools, this fundraising tool-kit has been developed to help schools raise money to support Open Futures activity. Whether it is intended to finance gardening kit, cooking equipment or training, the tool-kit will help schools to access a variety of funding.

This is not a guide to running raffles, non-uniform days, discos, fetes and other such worthwhile fundraising initiatives. Schools do all of these and more very well already.

This tool-kit will help schools interested in fundraising to identify funding sources, maximise their chance of success and provide practical guidance and resources to raise money.

Remember, every school can fundraise, regardless of size or demographic profile – challenging circumstances can be turned into additional reasons to give!

Finally, when it comes to fundraising, there is no substitute for energy and enthusiasm.

Good luck

Lucy O’Rorke

Trust Director